A Simple Marketing Plan

At the start of each month,  you have an opportunity to make this the best month ever in your business.

Remember, you are always ONE decision away from a better life.

For artisan brands, a strong marketing program is KEY .

Here are 4 steps you can follow to kick start your marketing program,  and attract more buyers to your brand.

1 – Pick a lane


Focus on ONE marketing channel for leads.  Don’t try to grow via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, YouTube all at once. Focus on ONE marketing channel, learn how it works and master ONE platform at a time for getting new people into your brand.

2 – Build a funnel.

Most people won’t buy from you right away.

They need to be nurtured. 

It’s like dating – you wouldn’t meet someone and immediately marry them. You need to date your prospects before they will marry you.

A funnel is simply a process that people go through so that they can: know,  like and  trust  you enough to buy your products.

Funnels don’t have to be technically sophisticated. BUT – you need to map out a process for your prospects to follow that converts them into buyers.  

This is another reason a target market is KEY – understanding how one type of person thinks is a lot easier than trying to understand how everyone thinks.

3 – Add personality.

The worst thing you can be in marketing is boring.  

Boring will get you ignored. people won’t buy from you if they are ignoring you.

You are the biggest asset that your brand has.

You have character, you have a personality  so let it show through your marketing.

Don’t be fake – that won’t work.

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not – that won’t work either. Let people see you, let people get to know you and let them trust you.

4 – Know your strengths.

If you like to write, write.

If you like to talk, talk.

If you like to design, design.

You will be more likely to stick with a marketing plan if you leverage the things you like to do.  

So, don’t create a plan full of videos if you hate being on camera.  

Don’t focus on written marketing if you dislike writing.  

Decide what you like to do the most, and create content for marketing that takes advantage of your interests and strengths.

* * *  Here is a simple plan – it works if you stick with it long enough.

1 – focus on ONE marketing platform

2 – build a funnel that converts prospects into buyers

3 – add personality so that your marketing is interesting

4 – leverage your strengths

The tough part about simple is that it is not always easy.  It takes effort and commitment to set up a system and follow it for months.  

Sometimes the biggest challenge with solo-business owners is that they get in their own way, don’t have accountability and simply can’t overcome fear and insecurity on their own.  

We can help you with that part.  Set up a time to chat with us and we will be your team.   We will make sure you are taking the right actions day after day to make February 2020 the month where everything changed.

You are only one decision away from your big break.

You are only one decisions away from your best month ever.

You are only one decision away from building a brand that people admire.

You are only one decision away from a new life.

Let’s chat to see what your next decision should be.

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