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Do you deserve to have a successful business?

Do you deserve to have a successful business?

Lots of soap makers start out the same way (I can relate, as I started with this story).

  1. Bored with something in life, so crafty hobbies fill the void
  2. Stumbled upon soap making (or bath bombs or another bath product) and thought  “this is cool”
  3. Continues to make products until it’s evident that you can’t possibly use it all in multiple lifetimes
  4. Get excited and share photos with friends, family & coworkers, who become interested in buying

And just like that, a business is born.
If that story sounds familiar, you are not alone.  But you may struggle if this is your story too.

The struggle starts when you desire that the business becomes a success.

The idea sounds SO COOL!  Being able to quit a job working for someone else to become a soap business owner.

I clearly remember the first time I spoke with a friend about my soapy dream.  After I got about one sentence out, I started to explain that I knew I wouldn’t be able to make as much money as in my corporate job, and that I understood I would have to sacrifice.
Before I even started my business, I mentally prepared myself for financial struggle.  For having to sacrifice. 

I thought I was just being “realistic”.

But, it turns out I told my subconscious what was supposed to happen next.  
I did struggle in my business.  Most of that struggle was due to complete lack of knowledge around the financial stuff I needed to learn, fear that people wouldn’t take my business seriously and lack of belief that I was capable of running a successful & profitable company.

It took me a long time to work through those struggles, largely because I was oblivious to them at the time.   The other reason is that while I can be quick to learn what to do, and I not always quick to take action.  

Action can feel uncomfortable, awkward and scary. I don’t particularly like to feel uncomfortable, awkward or scared.

However, I did end up leaving my corporate job, and set myself on a path to supporting myself financially with my business, and that required some honest self-reflection.
Did I deserve to have a successful business?

Yes, I did.

But I had to prove it first.

Not to other people.  

I thought for a long time that I was on a mission to prove to my husband that I could do it.  Every time I had a big win, I told him, and not because I wanted him to share in my excitement.  It was to provide evidence that I could do it.

However, that was a completely unfair and inaccurate reality.  The truth is, I needed to prove to myself that I was capable of building a business that I could be proud of.  I had to prove to myself that I could do it.

How do you prove to yourself that you deserve to be successful?

By taking action.

By taking risks.

By doing scary things.

By showing yourself and the universe that you will do what it takes.

Having an idea, or the ability to make gorgeous soaps does not entitle you to success.  

Taking action – consistent and relentless action – to turn that idea or skill into a business is what you proves your worthiness.

So yes, I believe that you deserve to have a successful business. But only if you are willing to prove it to yourself first.

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