Your Target Audience Is The Key

Stop Trying To Sell To Everyone.

The reason you are struggling selling your products online has nothing to do with your copywriting, or how slick your product photos are.

It has nothing to do with your knowledge about running ads on Facebook.

It has everything to do with who you are targeting.

The #1 challenge I have with soap business owners that I coach and mentor is their target audience.

The challenge is either (1) no idea who to target or (2) a desire to target everyone who could like their products

Both are a problem because good marketing is about THEM NOT YOU.

THEM = your target audience.

When you talk incessantly about yourself and your products, people will ignore you. They have their own stuff to think and worry about. Your soaps and bath bombs are not high on their list of priorities (even if they love them, their life does NOT revolve around soap).

What does your target audience care about? This is easy to answer if you have a specific, narrowly defined target. This is impossible to answer if your target is ‘women 20-50 who use soap’.

Want an example?

Poor target audience: Everyone who visits Florida on vacation. Sure, people who vacation in Florida like to enjoy the sand, sunshine and laid back tropical vibe, and they have a few things in common, but not much.

For example, people go to Florida to party (spring breakers), people go to play tennis & golf and another group goes to ride their motorcycles.

If you wanted to target all of those groups, what kind of messaging would work? What wholesale accounts would be a good fit?


However, let’s say you picked JUST the bikers.

Let’s say you named your products with clever inside jokes / terms that only bikers would understand?

And you put imagery of motorcycles on your packaging and your website?

A biker would see your product from across the room (or in their FB feed) and you would get their attention. They would buy your product because “a soap for bikers” is right up their alley. And they would tell their other biker friends about it.

Wholesale? What about all the stores that sell clothing, supplies and equipment to bikers? Sounds like a great place to start to me.

Marketing? Daily posts with content that interest bikers. Events coming up, biker memes + jokes, famous biking routes, etc.

See how once you have a narrow target it all falls into place?

None of that would be possible with a huge target audience.

A good target audience for an indie business EXCLUDES the vase majority of people.

Be a big fish in a small pond and you can dominate your market.

Be a small fish in the ocean and struggle finding food.

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