Overcoming Fear of Growing Your Business

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”
– George Addair

What fear is holding you back from growing your business?

A few years ago, when I was still making soap in my kitchen, I knew that I could not continue to grow at that pace. I was working ALL the time, and my house was FULL of boxes of oils, fragrance bottles, soap molds & curing soaps.

I had a path through the dining room lined with huge boxes of oils. It was a maze through supplies. We never had friends come to our house.

My husband is a minimalist who is happy when our home is neat & tidy. Whatever is the opposite of that describes our house at that point.

I knew I needed to get the business out of my house, but I was terrified of taking on rent. I simply did not think I was generating enough revenue to cover rent + utilities + my salary needs + supplies.

I was scared of taking a risk. 
I was scared that I would not be able to sell enough to pay the expenses. I lived in that place of fear for a while.

Until one day, I said “I can’t do this anymore. This is a solvable problem, and I am worried about something that is not real”.

I had continued to sell more than I could make, so there was no real evidence that I could not continue to improve in that regard, and earn enough to pay the rent.

So, one day, I found a place and signed a year lease. I was almost sick with anxiety, as a HUGE wallop of fear that I had signed the death warrant of my business weighed on my shoulders.

That feeling started to pass the day I moved in (too much excitement).

It definitely passed when my friend came to help in the mornings, and I saw for the first time, how much more my business could produce if I had help. I needed to see that with my own eyes to let go of any residual fear and see the future clearly.

I now take any fear that comes along, and turn it into a challenge.

I ask myself “is this is solvable problem?”

If it is solvable, I get to work listing ALL the possible solutions. Even before I find the ideal solution, I am empowered to take the fear into my own sphere of control and not let the fear run the show.

Nothing to date has turned out to be “unsolvable”.

As I have gone through subsequent levels of growth, countless new challenges and struggles, more fears have crossed my path.

But I went ALL IN the day I signed that first lease (there have been two more since then). I decided that moving forward was the only direction for me. I decided that the best possible outcome was my focus.

Are YOU letting fear call the shots?

Are are you taking your fear and determining if it is simply a solvable problem?

Are you going to take fear as a message that you have to find a way around an obstacle?

Or are you going to stay where you are, waiting for some magical solution to come along and solve it for you?

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