The Power of Motion

It has been raining incessantly in Georgia for over a month. One upside is that the waterfalls in the area are spectacular after so much rain. Yesterday my family & I hiked down in Cloudland Canyon to see a few of them, and it as well worth the 1,000+ steps up to get back to the top.

As I stood at the base of the ROARING falls, I was in awe of how powerful water can be.

And how, water is often, not powerful.

A puddle in the sidewalk sits there motionless, waiting for something to happen (evaporation, more rain, a dog to drink it up).

Yet, the same water when combined with more water can become a force to be reckoned with. A source of energy and electricity.

It made me think of ideas and business.

How one idea could sit there motionless, waiting for something to happen.

Yet another idea, when in different circumstances and surrounded by other ideas, becomes a force of change. A tool to transform lives in ways big and small.

This also applies to a business owner dreaming about a life of creativity, financial independence and control.

One business owner sits there like a puddle, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for something to come along. Wising for something more, but not taking any action.

Another business owner transforms into a waterfall. He or she takes action. Combines with other business owners to learn, implement plans, react to lessons learned, earn revenue.

Just like water, an idea and a business owner can take two different paths. They can sit around waiting like a puddle, or become a waterfall.

Waterfalls generate energy. They are strong. They are forceful. They are unstoppable.

When you think about your business, and what needs to happen to reach your goals, are you taking the path of water that becomes a waterfall?

Or are you water that is sitting in a puddle, waiting. Stalling. Hoping. Sitting still.

The businesses that transform lives are not the puddle variety.

They are waterfalls.




Never dwelling on the past.

Always looking forward.

Forging a new paths.

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