How to Design Pinterest Pins That Drive Traffic

Even though many people consider Pinterest a social media channel, the platform works differently than Facebook or Instagram. Pinterest is actually a visual search engine. If you want to use Pinterest to generate leads for your business, you want to design your pins in a specific way. Visual design matters a LOT on Pinterest, more than on other social media…

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Changing Direction

Pretty much everyone on the planet was affected by the events of 2020, and I was no exception. For a year that started out like any other, 2020 rapidly changed life as we know if when covid hit the scene in March. The impact on everyone was different, and for me, the impact on my businesses was most significant. When…

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A Simple Marketing Plan

Here are 4 steps you can follow to kick start your marketing program, and attract more buyers to your brand.

Goals, Pricing

4 Growth Areas to Focus on in 2020

Growing an artisan product business is exciting, but it can be a long and lonely road. Too often, the enthusiasm you had when you launched faded as you learned a few tough lessons. To start, selling beyond your friends and family isn’t easy to figure out. It is wonderful that the people in your life support your business, but at…

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Goals, Mindset

Do you deserve to have a successful business?

Do you deserve to have a successful business? Lots of soap makers start out the same way (I can relate, as I started with this story). Bored with something in life, so crafty hobbies fill the void Stumbled upon soap making (or bath bombs or another bath product) and thought  “this is cool” Continues to make products until it’s evident…

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